Health Activities for the Stuck at Home

And tomorrow we learn about health.

Let it be clear.  We do not sit down and have school activities.  We play.  We fight.  We get yelled at for fighting and I give them something to do.  These are the “somethings” I give them to do.

Healthy or Not Healthy Worksheet

healthy food worksheet

Dental health Worksheets

Dental health month worksheets for preschoolers

Yoga for kids

Best Yoga Poses For Kids

Kids Super Hero Workout video.  I CANNOT wait to watch Gus take a stab at this.  I will keep you posted.

Other activities:

Make an obstacle course to get even more exercise.

Healthy food hunt – this could be tricky around here these days.  It could be a real hunt.

Make a healthy snack – again this could be a task.

Any other ideas?  I will take ’em!


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