Boerigters-6337Could someone else write this part for me? I am not so great with the whole “Who am I?” portion. Not just on my blog, but in life in general. Can we do this in list form? Great!
– Mom. Clearly the most important part of who I am. I know, I know, I am not supposed to let motherhood define me. Turns out I want it to. I love being a mom more than I love anything else in the world. I have two boys and they are the most perfect little gentlemen you could ever imagine. (They are at daycare currently. Ask me in an hour and I am sure I will change my tune.)
– Speech Language Pathologist. I love speech. I love language. I love feeding. I love kids.
– Wife. Should this have gone second on my list of who I am? Sorry John. Seriously, he is my rock and doer of laundry. I love being married to him.
– Daughter/sister/granddaughter/niece/cousin. Family is my game. The only person who is allowed to talk crap about them is me. So if you think my cousin is too good looking or my mom is too awesome of a cook go ahead and tell me about it. If you have something bad to say….well I suggest you sleep with one eye open.
– Tryer of anything. I will literally try anything. Food, hobbies, trends. From alligator meat to roller derby, I will boldly go where anyone dares me.

Make sure to drop in and say “hi!” on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @thespeechmom!  I love hearing your questions and ideas!


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