Neighbors: Activities for the Stuck at Home

The boys have taken a firm stance against worksheets. They say no more.  Whatever.

We will have little academic learning tomorrow, but it is day 5, and we have all given up on that idea anyways.

Today our health lessons were a flop.  By 10 am I put on music from movie fight scenes and told them to make up their own fight moves – with the one rule being they couldn’t touch eachother.  That’s where we are.


So this is what we will be doing tomorrow to learn about Neighbors.

  • Draw a map of our neighborhood.  I’m not going to be picky.  Is our house on it?  Then we will call it well done.
  • Draw a picture or write a note to a neighbor.  Then run through the snow and deliver it.  I WILL ONLY LET THEM DELIVER ONE AT A TIME.  No, not because of COVID-19.  I will only let them deliver one at a time because I need them to burn as much energy as possible.  They will run to the neighbor, return home, then go again.
  • Make a town out of masking tape and legos on my living room floor.
  • Scoop a neighbor’s sidewalk.  (Burn more energy)

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