They Really Do Rock

Yesterday the boys and I loaded up the car and went for a little road trip.  We wondered into the picturesque Northwest Iowa.  Great things come out of Northwest Iowa….The Speech Mom being one of them.

We road tripped about an hour to a gym called We Rock The Spectrum in Orange City, Iowa.  And they really do rock.  This is not just any gym, it’s a kids’ gym.  And not just any kids’ gym, but a gym that is strategically designed to assist with large motor, fine motor, and sensory development!   Whoa!  Right?!

Although the gym was designed keeping children with large motor, fine motor, and sensory needs, I was sure any kid would love it.  So I took the boys.  Along with the boys I took my sister-in-law’s younger sister, Reagan, (We decided she could call me her sister-out-law), as well as my 7-month-old niece, Maddox.  Don’t you worry, I am not completely insane.  I took my mom too.

The kids were obsessed.  OB-SESSED.  Hank, who is a little nervous about nearly everything, jumped right in.  Gus parked his sweet little bottom in the boat swing, rounded up a fishing pole, and was a happy little man.  Reagan did the zip line until her little arms could do no more.  And even Maddox got in on the action.

Inside of this gym of delight I found so much more than I initially expected.  There is a zip line, over 10 different swings, a few small trampolines, one big trampoline, a climbing feature, an arts and crafts area, a play area, a few tables to sit and observe, crash pads, bean bags, an aqua pod (I want one), body socks, tunnels, a quiet area, should I keep going?  I won’t.  You are getting the picture.

And THEN behind this gym of wonder is a place called The Gathering.  It is so nice.  Like I want to live in it.  Couches, tables, a kids’ area, and a full kitchen!  You can rent this place out, let the kids play at the gym, and have the best family reunion ever.  **Hint hint to whoever is planning our next family reunion.

To say the least, it was worth the trip.  If you are a parent thinking about purchasing expensive equipment for your little one who has large motor, fine motor, or sensory needs, I would suggest you hop on over to WRTS in Orange City to test it out first – because they literally have every piece of equipment you can dream of! I could absolutely go on for days about this place.  But instead, I am going to show you a million pictures of how amazing this place is.  If you want more info, book on over to or check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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