A Few of My Favorite Things…

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!  Bows!  Manger Scenes!  Candles!  Glitter!  Stockings!  Practical Gifts!  Yeah.  Practical gifts.  Get out your Christmas List!  Because you are going to want to add some of these little delights onto your kiddo’s wish list!  It is time for The Speech Mom’s Favorite Things.  And guess what?!  They are all amazing, fantastic, and adorable items that your little one will enjoy while developing feeding skills!  Get excited people!

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Christmas Jammies!!!

Let’s kick it off with one for the babes!  These spoons are perfect.  You know how when you give a baby a spoon and they jab at their bowl.  The bowl slides off the side of the table.  And then that sweet little slice of deliciousness aims for their mouth and instead hits one inch to the right and food blurps out everywhere.  Mamas, you know what I am talking about.  That is why you need these spoons.  Need them.  They are sturdy enough to hold a heap of yummy but pliable enough to bend when they hit the side of the spoon or a little one’s face.  And it gets better!  The handle seconds as a teether!  On top of it all, it looks like a little bean sprout.  It is made in Portland, Oregon by some amazing and delightful people.  Like, when I emailed them about their product, they emailed me back.  A real person!  So yeah, you’re going to want some of these spoons.

Speaking of bendable amazing items….I know we have talked about this one before, but I can’t help it, it has to be on my list!  The EZPZ plates are a must!  I mean, come on!  They are practical, adorable, and eliminate the constant need for me to pick up plates Gus throws on the floor.  I am an especially huge fan of the bowl and mini mat during the holiday season.  We eat a lot of soup at our house.  So pairing the EZPZ bowl with the Olai baby spoons….well, it is my feeding tool dream team.   The mini mat is fantastic if you are planning on traveling.  It fits right in my diaper bag and has a little travel bag I can slide it into so when it is covered in mashed potatoes, the travel bag shields the rest of my items from also getting covered.  If this is the first time you are hearing about the EZPZ mat, please read about my obsession with it here.

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The Mini Mat

And there is a new plate in town!  I am obsessed, but not as obsessed as Hank is!  The Dinner Winner is So Much Fun!  It is a plate that looks like a game board!  Seriously?  What mom genius thought of this one?!  I bought one at a local mommy store and wasn’t sure if Hank would get into it or not.  He did.  Like really into it.  I made this amazing delicious blueberry oatmeal for breakfast the other day and he wouldn’t touch it.  Like pretended to gag.  I pulled out the dinner winner and put the oat meal in the squares followed by a few bites of banana and he woofed it down.  At the end of the game trail, there is a little covered square with a removable lid.  Turns out when you put a half piece of a chocolate square under the “winner” square, he will eat anything.  If you have a picky eater who is way into games, this is a must have!  And really, why not make meal time a little more fun?

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Mom Genius created.

Speaking of fun…this gift is a fun one for mom and kiddo!  Lots of kiddos have anxiety trying new foods because they aren’t quite sure where it came from or what is in it.  So let them help!  An apron and a few kid friendly kitchen tools are a fun way to get them involved while encouraging trying new foods!  I have no specific brand or style I recommend.  If you are looking to buy local, check out an art or craft fair!  (We bought one for Hank at the Down Town Sioux Falls Art Fair…shhhh, it is a gift).  We keep a few kid friendly whisks and spatulas in the drawer for the boys to help.  These are always pretty easy to find, but in case you need help, these are great!

And last but not least, let’s talk cups.  You all know I am obsessed with cups.  I own like a million.  Let’s talk about a few cups I am way into right now.  First let’s talk straw cup.  I  love straw cups because they are great for those oral motor skills.  Lip closure, tongue movement….Oh the speech nerd in me is really coming out here.  But I hate straw cups because when kiddos tip their little cups back, the liquid comes forward, but the straw stays straight.  It is a real problem.  You all know what I am talking about, don’t you?  It’s the worst.  But there is a couple cups that have weighted straws.  I am going to tell you about both.  The first one is the Lollacup.  It is a Shark Tank product, so that’s cool.  The second is a copy cat cheap version.  By Munchkin.  The Lollacup is cuter but costs a bit more.  It is a little hard to come by in the Sioux Falls area, so you will have to order online.  They are both winners.  You can’t go wrong.

And because I LOVE CUPS…The Wow Cup.  It is a sippy cup that works just like a regular cup.  It is easy on their sweet little teeth and great for prepping them to drink out of a regular cup.  You press your lips on the edge, and a small opening releases the liquid.  So smart!! I go on and on about them here.

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Handles and no handles!  Wow!

Just one last cup, I promise!  The Re-Flo cup.  It is just one step up from The Wow Cup.  It is a regular cup, with a removable control valve inside the cup.  This is great as a training cup.  It is not spill proof, so keep it at the table!  It gives your little one a nice easy flow to avoid them pouring their entire cup all over their face.  And to make it even better, you can just remove that valve and it is just a cup.  Nothing fancy, just a plain old cup.  One that your child is already comfortable with.  Simple dimple.

So….what am I giving away?  I am so glad you asked!

5 sets of Ola Sprout Spoons donated by Ola Baby.  This giveaway is a little different, stay tuned to The Speech Mom’s Facebook page for the details.  It involves really intense participation, such as liking a Facebook page.

One Mini Mat donated by Elegant Mommy

One Dinner Winner donated by Fred

One Wow Cup donated by Elegant Mommy

One Wow Cup with handles donated by Gus Boerigter

One Re Flo Cup donated by Hank Boerigter

One Munchkin weighted straw cup donated by Andrea Boerigter

boerigters-6308How do you become a winner?  Well, you need to follow the blog!  Easy peasy!  Click on the floating “follow” or the “get a high five via email” link in the upper right corner and you are automatically eligible.  It’s no big commitment.  You just get an email when I post on the blog.  But you have to become a follower before next Tuesday, December 13, because that is when the drawing is!  What are you waiting for?!  Follow this blog!

And for further shopping needs:

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Happy shopping my friends!



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