Vacationmom loves Ezpz

I love being vacationmom. She is way more fun than thespeechmom. When I am vacationmom I say yes to pancakes and popsicles for breakfast. I shrug when Gus puts a handful of sand in his mouth while he wades blissfully into the lake fully dressed. I tell Hank he probably shouldn’t eat any more s’mores, but laugh when he reminds me I said “probably.” Vacationmom is the best.

Before I morphed into this beautiful careless being, I packed. And I was still home when I packed. This means thespeechmom packed. Thank God she did. Because as I was packing I made a last minute decision to pack something glorious. No. It was not a large bottle of margaritas or a trashy beau hunk novel. It was a plate. Not just any plate. It was the Ezpz mat. And it was worth its weight in gold.

I have used the Ezpz products a few times in therapy. And I am obsessed with them as a therapist. This week I became obsessed with the plate as a mom. I could go on and on telling you how it is sensory based and gives amazing sensory input. I could rave about how I love the way it actually stays put when little ones clumsily stab it with silverware, which sends other plates sliding across the table. I could gush about how it is microwave and dishwasher safe. But I don’t need to do any of these things. Because you are going to watch the video below and say “I need one. I must have it. I want seven.”

Yeah. That’s right. My little plate chucker couldn’t get that beautiful Ezpz mat off the table if his life depended on it.

And yeah. I did get artsy and make his plate look fun and awesome. (Which if you know me, you know this NEVER happens.) The Ezpz plate makes it “ezpz.” (I couldn’t help myself.) I mean, seriously, the plate is already the shape of a happy face. If you are in the business of looking for easy ways to make the Ezpz plate even better, Ezpz just made their book available. And if you ask me, it is adorable.

Both thespeechmom and vacationmom give the Ezpz products two thumbs up! Thespeechmom loves all the sensory benefits and the perfectly sized portion areas. Vacation mom loves that she isn’t spending the majority of her meal holding down Gus’s plate. She really loves the fact that she doesn’t have to pick up entire plates off the floor and make new plates of food every time she looks away.

Vacation mom doesn’t freak out when the high chair has no tray or straps.  She puts an old t-shirt over Gus and the chair and ties him in.

For those of you who are in the market to buy this little piece of delight. Here are the details….the gray mat in the pictures and video is the Ezpz mini happy Mat. I love the mini mat for kiddos still in a typical high chair. I also love it because it comes with a wet bag and is super portable. The larger teal mat is called the Ezpz happy Mat. Hank calls it “the big kid plate.”  I also have the bowl I use for therapy, which is great too. Explore the website. You will find all kinds of awesome! I promise!

But wait! I told you… codes were coming people! Here it is! And if you are a follower, you will be getting a little extra treat! Get excited!

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