School Morning Survival

Hank started kindergarten.  KINDERGARTEN.  He is loving it.  His teacher is amazing.  His school is amazing.  His friends are amazing.  Everything is amazing!!


Okay, not everything.  John and I have to get two kids to two different schools at two different times.  And no one has ever looked at me and said “Wow, that is one organized mom.”  So we needed to make some changes.  And fast.

I took a look at my morning and found the weakest spots.  We had a few of them.  I am not going to bore you with how I have been a crappy morning mom the last few years.  So, let’s skip to the two biggest trouble spots:  1.Staying on task.  2.  Picking out clothes.

I thought about doing a picture schedule or transition cards to help the boys stay on schedule.  But, again, I am not that organized.  So I went simple.  We have a white board for each boy.  Hank has his list and Gus has his.  I write them on the board, and they cross them off.  They like the satisfaction of crossing off from the list.  I like that too.  And also – it helps me.  I write stuff like “library book” and “show and tell” on the list so we don’t head to school without the important things.

I am sure I could use some fancy pens or caligraphy and make my lists look gorgeous.  But that’s not real.  So this is what they really look like.


And onto our second big problem.  Picking out clothes.  Yeah, this is a huge problem here. We spend so much time fighting about shorts and shirts.  Socks and sweatshirts.  Honestly, I am getting angry just writing about this.  So we had to fix it.  Now.  We should have fixed it a million preschool days ago. I had an Ikea drawer shelf in the toy room.  It was full of a bunch of garbage that needed to be put in the actual garbage.

I slapped some labels on each bin – and boom.  We have the best clothes organizer ever.  Hank is loving it.  He gets to pick out everything Sunday and when he gets to the get dressed part of his list – he just does it!  Can you imagine?

I am sure we will find other things that need tackling as we get into the swing of school, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Any mom hacks you are willing to share?  Thanks in advance!




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