A Child First


If you know me, you know there isn’t a lot that bothers me.  I am fine with pretty much everyone and anyone.  I collect friends from all walks of life.  They all have different religions, political views, and ideas.  I sometimes don’t agree with them, but I typically keep my thoughts to myself.  Because I hate controversy almost as much as I hate making people feel bad.

There is one thing – ONE THING – that I will argue with.  One thing I will correct EVERY SINGLE TIME. 

Here it is:  It is not an autistic child, a Down’s boy, a speech disordered girl.  (It was even hard for me to type those.)  A child is not a diagnosis first.  A child is a child first.

If you feel the need to label a child, make sure you label them with the important stuff first.  A child with autism, a boy with Down’s Syndrome, a girl with a speech disorder.  Because their diagnosis does not define them.

That is all.  Shortest blog post ever.  But it needed to be said.


3 thoughts on “A Child First

  1. This is so perfectly said, simply stated! Too often we get caught up “labeling”. We are all God’s children and what “disease” someone has does not define who they are!


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