Silly Little Girl


I see you.  You silly little girls.  I see you giggling and whispering.  I see your best friend necklaces and glittery shirts.  How silly.  How goofy.  How wonderful.

Be silly.  Be goofy.  Giggle.  Let your friendship be everything.  Because this friendship is setting the bar for every friend you will ever have.  You will learn how to trust, how to care, and how to treat one another through this friendship.

If you are really lucky, you will grow up together.  You will be awkward together.  You will both have bad glasses and perms  You will have a million inside jokes that no one else will ever get.  You will love eachother in a way only best friends can.  You will fight and you will apologize.  And this will help you understand the importance of making relationships work.

You will grow up.  You will have new friends.  Even new best friends.  You will go different directions and build different lives.  You will celebrate those different lives with eachother.  You will share all the big stuff and the little stuff.  You will go a month without seeing eachother, but you will always know she is just a call away.

You might get married.  You might have kids.  And those guys will hopefully become your new best friends.  You will not be jealous of eachother or the time you spend away from one another, instead you will smile at the family photos you see on Facebook and text that you cannot believe her little boy is in kindergarten.  You will be so happy for one another, even if that happiness means you see eachother less.

You will meet on occasion for wine.  And you will remember why she was your best friend.  You will laugh and support and remember.  You will compare all your friends to her, because she set the standard.  Because you had her, you will fill your life with the best kind of people.  Your friends will be other women who once shared best friend necklaces and secrets.  The ones who had friends navigating life with them.  You will understand loyalty, trust, kindness, support, and friendship all because of her.

Be silly.  Giggle.  Prepare yourself for the journey that lies before you.  That is what friends do.

In loving memory of the best friend a girl could have ever dreamed of.




3 thoughts on “Silly Little Girl

  1. Love this! Friends are such an important part of our lives. Thanks for the reminder to cherish every day and appreciate friends. Hugs to you!


  2. You made me plan to pick up the phone today. Gonna call my friend Marcie. We were each other’s first friend. There’s nothing like having all those shared moments.


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