Guest Post: 3 Budget-Friendly Easter Basket Tips for Health-Concious Parents

Getting those Easter baskets ready for delivery this weekend?  Well, good news:  Kris from  has some great ideas to fill those baskets without having to fill cavities later!


Peter Cottontail will be hopping down the bunny trail before you know it, which means adjusting your budget to fill those yearly Easter baskets. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune or pick up tons of sugary treats to give your children baskets that are guaranteed to fill them with joy. Instead, you just need some healthy Easter hacks to cut down those basket costs so both you and your children will be smiling come Easter morning.


Get Budget-Friendly Gear to Get Them Outside


When Easter rolls around, the days are longer and the temperatures are usually warmer. So, those Easter baskets are the perfect place to provide little ones with the stuff they need for those outdoor summer sports. You can find tons of cool accessories, sports apparel, and even fitness gadgets at Dick’s Sporting Goods, and don’t forget to take advantage of savings and special offers whenever possible to help out your budget.


Tech can be an especially fun gift item, especially for older kids who are interested in tracking their sports and fitness goals. Need some ideas about what to buy? Check out Dick’s electronics selection for smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other cool gadgets your kids will love. Since your budget should be a priority, you can also look for online buying guides to help you pick the right tech to invest in for your kids’ sports needs. Depending on the sports your kids will play this summer, you may want to pick up different tech to help them improve.


Trade Candy for Tasty, Low-Cost Easter Treats


Easter baskets are notorious for those giant chocolate Easter bunnies and endless amounts of sugary candy. However, if you don’t want to overload your kids on sugar or your budget on excess costs, you can opt for healthier choices instead. You never want to be the parent who puts a box of raisins or an apple in your kids’ baskets, but you can still be healthy and fun by including a microwave popcorn maker instead. Pair that gift with some inexpensive popcorn and one of your kid’s favorite movies, and you have the makings of an Easter basket that will provide fun throughout the spring and summer. Popcorn not your kids’ thing? Consider adding all the tools and equipment for a summer garden project instead. You can snag packets of seeds for fun fruits and veggies like pumpkins, squash, and strawberries at local retailers for next to nothing, and help your kids plant a garden full of healthy options for less than a day’s groceries. Kids will also need some basic garden tools — including a great pair of gloves to help protect their hands — but you can shop online with promo codes for those too.


Stay Under Your Basket Budget with a Few Books


You’ve got the sports gear and the healthy snacks covered, but have you thought of Easter basket gifts that improve those little brains too? Well, studies show that a daily reading habit can help drastically improve your children’s ability to learn and process information. Best of all, buying a few new books for their baskets can be really gentle on your budget! Check online to see if you can find summer reading suggestions for your children, and then think about choosing Easter basket books from there. You can usually pick up children’s books for cheap with a few tricks. Try shopping online by finding promo codes and savings online, or check out sales at your local library or secondhand book store.


Easter baskets don’t have to take a huge bite out of your budget. By opting for gifts that will nourish your children’s bodies and minds, you can also help cut down your own costs of being the Easter bunny. Always check for deals to help you save before you buy, and look for gifts that will continue to be useful for your child even after the holiday passes. That last one is your best bet for ensuring the money you spend on presents for any season is well worth it!
Photo Credit: Pexels

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