The Case of the Mystery Pre-School Day


We have a little issue at our house.  No one knows what they actually did at school.  No one knows even ONE SINGLE THING that occured at preschool.

It drives me insane.  So I put on my therapist pants to take a closer look at the situation.  Because that is what I do.

And I realized I was asking them really hard questions.  My husband can’t even answer these questions.

“What did you do today?”


Preschoolers are able to answer lots of great questions, but they do best with real specific questions….and even better – make them “who” and “where” questions.  Because when you ask a “who” or “where” question, there is typically a correct answer.  When you ask a “why” or “how” question – there is a whole spectrum of correct answers.

I made a list of questions to ask my men….you want them?  Well sure!  Here you are!

Who was the funniest kid at school today?

Who was the nicest kid at school today?

Who had the best shirt on today? (This one is my favorite to ask!)

Who was the naughtiest kid at school today? (If they answer only one question I ask them, it is this one.)

Where was the best part of the room today?

Where did you play at recess?

Who was your favorite teacher today?

Where did you sit at lunch?

Who did you sit by at lunch?

Who was the helper?

There they are!  Ask your little one – and see the answers come pouring out!


2 thoughts on “The Case of the Mystery Pre-School Day

  1. Good advice for mom’s of little ones, big kids and adults! It is to easy for all of us to say “nuffing”! Conversation is a dying art and Andee you always give us great advice! Thanks for being you!!!

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  2. I’ll just call this one brilliant. Great job. As a former guidance counselor turned writer, I understand the importance of asking the right questions to avoid getting nuffin.


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