Playing with a Purpose

I am all about play.  I want my kids to play all day.  I want them to play hard.  I want them to play with passion, creativity, and purpose.  I love it when they exhaust themselves with their play.  But more importantly, I want them to get something out of it – other than the need for a nap.

Playing with a purpose isn’t just learning colors, letters, and numbers.  It is learning how to take an order from a friend and going into the play kitchen to find that dish of macaroni and cheese.  It is collecting all 10 eggs from the kitchen coop.  It is taking turns with your sister, learning to balance on a ride on motorcyle.  It is sharing, following directions, balancing, centering, requesting, and so much more.

Bloom is based on playing with a purpose.  In out tiny town, Bloom has a barn where your little ones can gain core strength on a bouncy horse.  A grocery store where your child can sort fruits and vegetables.  An animal hospital where you child can follow the steps needed for a proper pet check up.  A resteraunt where your child can work on social skills through passing and sharing.

Beyond the tiny town is our sensory gym.  Swings to help center your child and get needed sensory input.  A balance beam and stairs to work on gait and balance.  Monkey bars, climbing walls, ladders, ball pit, and a slide.  All designed by a specialist – to give even that exhausting play a purpose.

Bloom will be opening their doors April 2nd.  So make sure to come play with a purpose with us.

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