Britt Zink PT + The Speech Mom

Bloom is opening SO SOON!!  Like just around the corner people!  And to celebrate the grand opening, my good friend and colleague Britt – from Britt Zink Physical Therapy Services – and I are going to team up to offer a developmental series of blog posts.  Fun, right?

Before we do that, we thought we should talk about what kind of speech and physical therapy services will be offered at Bloom.  Just to clarify – Bloom is open to the public for open play throughout the week.  It is ALSO where you can go to get amazing therapy services.

So about those amazing services….My collaborative partner and colleague, Britt Zink, will provide Physical Therapy Services at the Bloom to people of all ages. At Britt Zink Physical Therapy Services LLC, They Help Active Adults and Children Develop New skills, Gain Independence, and Recover from Injury so They can Return to the Activities They Love without Medications, Injections or Surgery.  Check out the amazing services she provides here:

Starting next month, Britt and I will be covering the developmental norms of little ones.  Starting already at 6 months!  Yeah, that’s right – 6 months!  So if you have any specific questions regarding your little ones, shoot them to and we will make sure to do our best to answer them!

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