Happy Camper

Bloombox Camping Box

The Happy Camper Bloombox is a favorite at our house.  When given the freedom to pick a Bloombox off the shelf, this is the one they scramble for.  There is something about those sweet turtles, the bag of trail mix, and that adorable fire set that gets their imagination moving…and I LOVE every minute of it.

But what is so great about these Bloomboxes?  So many things.  For one…you send them back.  They will go home.  And not fill your house after your children are done playing with them.  Two.  These toys are amazing.  They go through a lot of “play testing” before they make it to your door.  But the biggest reason they are amazing are the activity guides.

Each activity guide has two levels:  a New Talker and a Next Stepper.  And these activities are written to make sure your child (and you) get the most out of the toys.

Since people often ask about the activity guides, I am going to give you a little taste of one….

Activity:  Trail Treats

Developmental Areas Targeted:

  • Language
  • Fine Motor
  • Cognitive
  • Social
  • Sensory

Materials Needed:

  • Trail Mix Bag

Child Led Play:    Place one of each item out.  Encourage your child to sort the items into the piles.

Language Enrichment:  

  • The New Talker: Sorting items is a great way to
  • The Next Stepper: As your child stamps on the table or floor, use the phrase “I don’t see dinosaur bones!”  When they stamp in the mad matter comment by saying “I see dinosaur bones!”  Using these two phrases with only one word changing will assist your child with understanding the importance and the impact of negatives.

Home Activity:

  • The New Talker: As you wait for family members or friends to come to your house or a meeting place, comment on who is and is not passing by.  “No grandma……No grandma……Grandma!”  This will assist them with understanding how to use “no” in different contexts while teaching them how to pair the word “no” with different words.
  • The Next Stepper: Comment on what your child is eating as they take bites of different foods during meal time.  Be silly and make it a fun game!  “That is not an elephant.”  “That is not a worm.”  “That is spaghetti!”  This will keep your child interested and entertained while targeting the use of negatives.


Now wasn’t that fun?  Use the code TREAT25 to get a whopping $25 off your next month of Bloombox at Bloomandlearn.com.  This discount code turns into a pumpkin on October 31st…so hurry!

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