Bar Stools are the Worst

Am I the only person who hates sitting at bar stools?  As a 5’1” woman, they are seriously the worst.  Nothing is more uncomfortable than sitting in a chair with no side or back support, while my legs dangle aimlessly, and I attempt to balance the act of eating and drinking into all of this.  I am uncomfortable just thinking about it.

I hate bar stools, but I am okay with bars.  As long as they serve wine.

Due to my issues with bar stools, I have a heightened level of sensitivity when it comes to kids in ill fitting high chairs.  I see those sweet little legs a dangling, and I cannot help but feel sorry for them.  Don’t worry people, I am not going to recommend a $499 high chair.  That is not what is coming next.  Do. Not. Panic.  Let’s just work with what you already have!

Let’s start with getting cozy.  Before a kiddo can focus on eating, they need to make sure their basic needs are met first.  We all think our basic needs are eating and drinking, but stability and breathing come first.  When they can do that comfortably, they can move their focus to the food.  Getting your kiddo stable and cozy in that seat is going to give them the comfort they need.  This one is going to be a real difficult and high end fix.  You know I am kidding.

This is not what I meant by getting cozy.

Put your kiddo in their high chair and take a peak.  Is there room for them to slide around?  Can you fit your hand, or more between your child and sides of the chair?  If yes, go to your drawers and pull out some kitchen towels.  Don’t be stingy, grab a few.  Okay now, roll them up.  Got that?  Now stick those suckers right between your kiddo and the side of the high chair.  How about that?!  Your kiddo feels a lot more stable and the only sacrifice you had to make was a few extra dish clothes in the laundry.  Easy peasy.

Expensive and complex fix, right?

Now let’s take a look at those little legs.  Are they dangling?  Most likely, yes.  High chair makers aren’t great about this.  For some odd reason these chairs are designed for babies and toddlers with legs that are three feet long.  When your child is unable to hand a solid footing, they are going to put more of their focus on find a way to “brace” themselves, and less of their focus on eating.  How are we going to fix this one?  Well it is just about as fancy as the last fix.  (Before you carry out the next steps, first check if your high chair has an adjustable foot rest.)

Dangling legs:  adorable, but uncomfortable.

Grab some old phone books.  Why do we even still have phone books?  Or a box.  That works too.  And set it on a chair or a step stool.  I told you this was going to get fancy.  If you want to get really ritzy, you can duct tape those phone books together.  Push that step stool or chair up under your little one’s feet and give them some solid ground to put those sweet little feet on.

If you are in the market for a high chair and are looking for recommendations, here are a few for you to consider…

  • If you are looking for a great way to give your kiddo some nice support and save space, I love the Chicco 360 Hook On Chair. The tray is removable, which I love.  This allows your little one to feel like they are part of the action at the table.
  • If you are looking for a great chair to grow with your child, I am a big fan (and owner) of the Graco Blossom. There are a ton of features I loved about this chair, I won’t list them.  My big drawing card for this one is that it provides four different seating options, and they can be used simultaneously….so I can put my three-year-old in a booster seat, and my one-year-old in high chair.  Two kids.  In high chairs.  I am that mom.

Here are a few pictures of my kiddos putting the Graco Blossom to work!

Happy High Chairing!

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