Learn and Play: Following Directions Outside

Everyone loves summertime and being outside, right?! You can’t beat warm sunny days playing outside on the green (or brown) grass! But, when the excitement of summer is in full swing, it can be difficult for children to follow directions.. especially while outside.

Incorporating direction following games while playing outside can be helpful in teaching direction following and body control! 

Here are a few games that can be played to help kiddos with direction following.. and they won’t even realize they are learning while playing!: 

  1. Simon Says
  • Teaches:
  • Body Parts: Arms, hands, feet, head, tummy,
  • Nouns: Trees, shirt, shoes, door, body parts
  • Action Words: Jump, pat, spin, run, touch, up
  • Numbers
  • Listening Skills
  • Examples: SIMON SAYS: “Put your hands up” “Jump 3 times” “Spin in a circle” “Run to the tree and back”
  1. Red Light, Green Light
  • Burns extra energy while your child learns to stop and start their body on command
  • Can use the action words stop and go rather than red light and green light
  1. Freeze Tag
  • Words to Incorporate: Run, stop, go, fast, slow 
  • Another activity that helps burn some energy while teaching your child to start and stop their body
  1. Duck Duck Goose
  • Teaches your child to sit nicely and wait patiently until they are tagged and called “goose”  

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