Edible Socks? No, Consumable Stockings.


Stockings are so much fun.  All those little sweet gifts.  We do little things in our stockings.  We feel that the big fun stuff should come from us.  I do not want the big guy in the red coat to be the one who gets all the credit for the good stuff.  He can have credit for the little “throopus” as my mother would call it.

But think year, there shall be no “throopus.”  This year those stockings will be filled with all sorts of good stuff that will disapear after a bit.  Some of it might stick around for a while, but nothing that is a space sucking toy that I will end up sneaking into the garbage 3 years from now.  And not candy.  Even though that is literally all Gus wants for Christmas.

And don’t worry ladies (and gentleman – my husband reads this)…I got SPECIFICS.  Nothing is more annoying than when you find that consumable gifts blog post and the list says “snacks,” “art supplies.”  I need specifics, people!

So here you go…specific ideas for mostly consumable stocking stuffers.

Soap.  No, I am serious.  I found the soap below at a vendor fair. My kids are going to go nuts.  It is a carnival fish bag of soap.  They will be so clean, working like little crazy men to get the fish out of the middle.  I cannot wait.  And it is made with some yummy smelling essential oils.  So aside from being squeaky clean, they will smell good.  If you can’t find something this amazing, no worries.  One time we brought home a bar of hotel soap for Hank and he lost his mind.  Turns out they never get bar soap, so even the free stuff is a real treat.


Dino eggs!!  Eek!  So much fun!  An delightful treasure from Child’s Play in Downtown Sioux Falls.  Your online option HERE!  Your kids will thank you!  Also, how amazing are these for fine motor skills?!

dino eggs

Iron beads.  I literally had no idea these were a thing until my sister in law (Thanks Katelyn) put them on her kiddo’s list.  Even though they are not consumable per se- I am probably going to hang them on the fridge for a while and then encourage the boys to give them as gifts and what not.  You know, to our neighbors, the garbage man, grandparents.  People who play a big role in my kid’s life and deserve a gorgeous craft.

Speaking of beads…water beads!  They provide a week of fun, they dry up, and you toss them!  Done and done!

Mad Mattr!  Gus is going to to flip for this!  It is the best.  Stays together like play dough but won’t grind into the carpet.  And it has the coolness of kinetic sand.  You need some of this.  I buy it for Gus, but I will be the one playing with it.  You can buy it locally at Child’s Play Downtown Sioux Falls.  Or online HERE!

mad mattr

Tickets.  If you are in the SF area.  I suggest tickets to…

Bloom.  Duh.

The Zoo.  Of course.

Athletic events – we got Augie and USF right here in town.  And if you are feeling adventurous, head south to USD or north to Brookings.

A movie.  Because I will take any excuse to get that popcorn.

And then art supplies.  I told you I would be specific…don’t worry.  But Hank is dying for these!  So yeah, Santa is doing it.

What is going in your stockings?  You know I am dying to hear!

Happy shopping!





One thought on “Edible Socks? No, Consumable Stockings.

  1. colored pencils, tiny notebooks, socks, chore gloves (for picking up sticks in the yard. They have kid size at Bomgaars. Santa is a practical fellow), extra pair of snow gloves, fun leggings, bubble bath, some candy, rubber digital watch (cheap one), Barbie clothes, baseball cards. Not all of this in 1 stocking-the boys aren’t into Barbie clothes. We have done movie theater gift cards, DQ gift cards, underwear, crayons, pens, stickers, in the past.


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