Lettuce Be Friends

My feeding therapy brain some times overtakes my mom brain.  And it gets wierd real fast.


Lettuce be friends.

Turnip the beet.

Don’t go bacon my heart.

You wanna taco bout it?

Did I also mention that I love puns.  Puns about food are even better.

So beyond the wierdness of my food puns, I also get wierd with my kids’ and their foods too.

Hank used to be way into salad.  He woofed salads down at the age of two.  We would take him to a restaraunt and people oohed and aahed over him.  I was one proud mom/feeding therapist.

But then he stopped.  School happened.  I sent a salad to school, and Hank’s friends assured him it was gross.  So that very night he delcared he was done.  And I thought it would pass in a week or two.  But nope.  One full year later he continues to reject.

But like I said, things get wierd at our house and my feeding therapy brain pushed my mom brain out and I got a little obsessed with making him eat salad again.

We started with a salad of a different color.  Literally.  Hank loves carrots, so I gave him a bowl of shredded carrots – covered with dressing and croutons.  Like a lot.  He ate it no problem.  Night two.  I put in a few pieces of lettuce with this concoction.  He ate everything but the lettuce.  Whatev.  Night three, same as night one.  But this time he ate the lettuce too!  Since then, I am slowly removing dressing and croutons and adding lettuce.  And now after two full weeks of this song and dance – Hank eats salad.  Normal salad.

EC4735DC-689C-45FD-A2C9-0D7CF2C0B319This is how food chaining works.  This is how feeding therapy works.  (Poor Hank and Gus get a lot of feeding therapy they do not want.)  You want your kiddo to eat something – start with something they know.  Change is slowly so by the time it is something new, they already know it.

Some kids take longer than others, i.e. Gus.  He will be eating croutons for a little bit longer.  Ugg.


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