Inexpensive Ways to Work on Colors

The boys are learning about colors at school.  They love it.  Gus loves it most.  He is taking his color days very seriously.  He especially took green day seriously.  Because for once we had a pair of green shorts.  This was so much better than the navy, gray, or black shorts we make him typically wear…the nerve of us.

Green day

The boys both go to Sioux Falls Lutheran, where they do not just talk about colors – they live colors.  So naturally we have carried it into our daily life and we are living colors too.

So how are we living colors?  We are experience them as inexpensive as possible- like God intended.  Don’t go out and buy work books and flashcards.  Save those pennies!  The boys are going on amazing field trips at school and we are doing “tired mom activities at home.”  As you read this list, please know the really cool ideas were stolen from Sioux Falls Lutheran.  Because they have the best ideas.

10 Free Activities to Learn About Colors!

  1.  The Paint Store!  SFLS is right accross from a paint store – so this was not only fun and free – but also nice and close!  Hank was super excited about this one.  He has told us how they shake paint about a million times since this field trip occured.
  2. Flower Gardens – Okay, so we don’t have this option year round in South Dakota – but the flowers are still in bloom!  So get out there and find those purples and yellows!
  3. Chalk – You didn’t need me to tell you about this one.  This is from the “tired mom” list.
  4. The grocery store!!  This one is my favorite!  It joins colors with feeding therapy!  Find orange fruits and green veggies.  And pick up a pizza for dinner on the way out.
  5. Food Coloring and cups.  This one is a “tired mom” activity, but it is also SO MUCH FUN!  And the kids learn so much while they are doing it!  Betcha Hank and Gus aren’t going to forget how to make purple anytime soon!

Color Cups

6.  The Closet.  Yep, another “tired mom.”  But this is a big deal to my kids.  I ask them what color they want to wear the next day, and they pick it out on their own.  We started doing this last year when Hank was learning about colors in preschool – and it carried into a thing.  And just for the record, pink day and purple day are tricky when you have a house full of men.  Thank goodness I went to the greatest college in the world and the colors happen to be purple and gold.

Purple Day

7.  A Color Walk.  This one is easy and you can do it a million times without them getting sick of it.  We take a piece of paper and as we walk we name colors we see.  When we get home we read through the colors and try to remember what it was.

8.  Make a fruit salad.  Name the colors.  Chop and mix.  Then eat a healthy snack!  This is one stolern

9.  Colored foam.  This was not my Hank’s favorite.  But Gus loved it so much he wanted to bathe himself in it.  We used 1/2 cup dish soap, 2 cups water, 1 tablespoon baking soda, and a dash of food coloring.  Then I used my hand mixer to fluff it up.  I also put some drops of lavendar oil in it – because it was night and I was hoping it would make them super sleepy.  No dice.  But they did have fun making colors!

Color bath

10.  Pick up toys!  This is the best tired mom hack ever!  Make them pick up and put away all their toys that have blue on them, then red, then black…must I go on?!

And there you have it!  Color party for days!

**Since introducing the boys to color activities at home, they have started calling it Science Experiment Night.  Gus has a whole get up he puts on.  It is amazing.  Here is to all the little mad scientists out there.

mad scientist

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