Guest Post: The Difficulties of Parenting

This post was sent to me just at the right time.  I needed to be reminded of the importance of taking time to focus on the root of the problem, instead of the immediate problem.  Here are a few great tips from Inner Parents that might help you through one of those “I ONLY wear underwear  and boots on -10 degree days” moments.


The Rewards and Difficulties of Parenting

Parenting has many rewards but it can also be difficult at times. Typically, there are three main challenges most parents face: aggression, not obeying rules, and complaining. Usually, these issues can be managed through doing research about proper parenting techniques and by creating an environment that supports positive communication. Children typically respond best to positive reinforcement and incorporating this concept into your parenting can often lessen the negative behaviors that children exhibit. There is a vast wealth of information regarding parenting tips available online. If you need advice, you can use sites, such as Inner Parents. They offer a lot of helpful information, such as parenting tips, articles, and product reviews.

1. Aggression

Children can often become aggressive when they aren’t getting their way or if they feel they are being treated unfairly. This is often displayed through temper tantrums. It is important to empathize with your child in order to understand why they are exhibiting these behaviors. If you understand the source of their actions, it will be easier to correct these negative behaviors.

  1. Not Obeying Rules

Children can often become defiant and disregard important rules their parents have set in place. To them, it may seem like the rules are unnecessary and restrictive. It is important to explain the significance of rules. If the child understands that the rules were created for specific reasons and are for their greater good, they are more likely to follow them.

  1. Complaining

Children often become easily irritated and impatient. They often may not understand why you expect certain things from them. This can lead to excessive complaining. Often, this can be solved through explaining to them the importance of patience and respect. It is also important to convey to your children the value of thankfulness. If they are more thankful for things they have, they will be less likely to complain when things don’t exactly go their way.

Learning to Understand Your Child’s Behavior

If you take the time to empathize with your child and understand their actions on a different level, you will often be able to approach them in a more positive manner. It is important that you don’t overreact to their negative behaviors because this will often make the issues worse. Of course, there will be times when parenting is extremely difficult. This is why you should never underestimate the power of empathy and patience. When children feel valued and understood, their behavior will often improve. In order to reach a common ground with your children, you should encourage communication and learn to accept their faults. This doesn’t mean you should encourage their negative behavior. Instead, you should try to understand everyone is imperfect and there are always ways to improve your parenting skills.

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