Stop Reading This

When I started writing this blog, I did it to share what I know with moms that want to know more.  And can you believe all you crazy moms out there that care so much about your child that you will spend the rare few minutes you have to yourself reading this blog?  Crazies.

My mom once told me she had no need to comment or judge other mothers.  She said “We put enough pressure on ourselves, I am not going to be the one to add more.”  And like all things that my mother said that I once rolled my eyes at, she was right.  So let’s stop.  I know – we can’t stop putting the pressure on ourselves.  But we can absolutely stop letting other people guilt us into feeling crappy about our momming skills.

I am deleting the perfect from my life.  I am eliminating the instagram and facebook feeds of all things gorgeous that cause me to slightly hyperventilate as I look at them while a naked toddler colors his hands blue somewhere in my house.  I have to get rid of the excess pressure to be someone I am not and cannot be.  There is no room for it.  And deep down, I know those posts are just a snapshot of their not so perfect life, but all I see is the perfect.  All I see is gorgeous hardwoods and well dressed children. I am only getting in on the all inclusive vacations and the size two designer jeans that don a perfect body.  Not gonna happen.  Not anymore.

I pray I do not make you fell that way.  I hope that my unvacuumed floors and my typically pants free four year old are in the forefront.  My reality is messy, honest, and sometimes hard.  But that does not matter.  What matters is how you feel when you read my posts or follow my instagram.  If you don’t feel empowered, unfollow me.  If you don’t feel a sense of comradeship or mom-sisterhood, shut me down.

Let your 2018 be free.  Free of the extra guilt.  Free of the unreachable standards.  Free of perfect.  Spend more time being happy about the mom you are, instead of the mom you aren’t.


And for the record…I promise, I don’t judge any of you for your spotless homes and really well behaved children.  It simply isn’t something obtainable to me, and I don’t need any more mom guilt and pressure in my life than I already have.  Neither do you.

Happy 2018.


2 thoughts on “Stop Reading This

  1. So well said sweet girl. And Happy New Year to you. May we all love each other for who we are in all our imperfect ness . I know I love you 💕


  2. My little one is a teenager now, but thank you for this. I always seemed to have the “messy” home where everyone would come. I wouldn’t give up the memories of the friends, the kids, and all the finger painting we did.


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