Cookies, Cakes, and Pizza Dough – Oh My!

A super fun and delightful guest blogger today!  Meet the lovely Sylvia of Le Meilleur Bakery.  She is bringing something amazing to your next Bloombox – get excited for this deliciousness!

Hi Ladies,

Andee invited me to share with you the next and exciting new adventures waiting to be shipped to your door –and yes, it’s got something to do with cookie dough, eating healthy and kids!

Eating healthy is fabulous but sometimes not tasty. Sometimes kids won’t eat what you’ve labored in the kitchen to make them. As a mom I’ve been there. Take for instance the typical veggie instance. “Ugh mom, why did you make those??”   Well because they’re good for you (normal response). Now consider this: they have helped pick out a veggie they wanted to plant. See the veggie growing. Harvested it and had a hand in cooking it. They are so much more willing to eat it. There is just something about the whole process that makes them enjoy it all the more. Plus, it’s fun!

We take that concept and use it in baking –making it totally safe for kids to lick the cookie dough or chocolate cake spoon before baking.

Introducing to the Bloomboxes are LM baking mixes! We’re all about making eating healthy and fun.  LM baking mixes is about kids and healthy baking.  Designed for little fingers, curious taste buds, sensory development, learning the appreciation of healthy foods, ect,. – (Gluten free, vegan and regular options) and sprouted flours.

As a mother to a little boy I know that getting the time is not always easy when it comes to mixing and baking in the home. Making memories and creating the magical childhood is special. With our baking mixes in your next box it makes it easier. Plus, sneaking in some healthy goodness for growing bodies and minds. Things you’re going to love about our mix: No raw eggs, low in sugar and sprouted deliciousness. The sprouted flour we use has the benefit of: Easy to digest, making it easy on your little ones tummies. Gently dried, preserved at the exponential growth phase to provide nutrition for an energized life.  Also organic, non GMO, packed with expressed vitamins, minerals, enzymes, FOS and MOS.

We have something for everyone –from pizza mixes to cookies. Your special baking bonding moment is only a box away. It takes a village to raise a child and we’re here to help the best way we know how to. Making parenthood just a wee bit simpler.

Psst: We recommend that you order an extra mix just so that next time you hideout, you can enjoy some seriously good LESS sugar, sprouted flax cookie dough.

Cheers to messy kitchens, magical moments and happy hearts!

Xoxo Sylvia

Go on, sign up for your Bloombox and order some extras for the next fun family night or afternoon.

We took a stab at the cookies!  And they were a hit – to make and to eat!

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