Happy Camper

Hank and Gus have been really into camping.  Like really really into it.  And I love it.  What is better than hunting frogs, catching fish, and roasting s’mores?  I sure cannot think of anything.  And because I let them pick all of the themes for Bloomboxes – naturally there is a camping Bloombox.  If you haven’t already, you need to check it out.

To me, camping isn’t just about the great out doors.  It is about doing things on your own.  Camping is about learning to be independent – even to the littlest camper.  Hank and Gus have learned to clean up after having dinner outside, how to bring their lawn chair to the fire pit, and most importantly – how to roast their own marshmallows.

Teaching independence is tricky, and allowing independence can be even harder.  I have recently learned about a super amazing team who managed to bring camping and independence together to build a business.

A young man named Daniel is behind this amazing business.  He is an entrepreneur who loves camping, and also happens to have autism.  Daniel and his team hand craft every JT FireStarter and package them with care.  They are shipped out all over the US for purchase!

Jt Firestarters 2

Daniel not only wants independence for himself, he wants it for others.  He hopes to keep selling these little bags of camping delight so he can bring more people on his team and allow them to feel the same level of independence he feels!  How cool is that?

So if you are like me, you are thinking you NEED one of these.  And don’t worry friends, I can tell you where to get them!  Find the list of locations right HERE – and go get one!!

And make sure to head on over to JT FireStarters Facebook Page and like and follow!

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