My Son: The Professional Athlete

IMG_3651Hank started soccer this week. We are hopeful that starting early will give him a head start on his professional career.  We have high hopes of scholarships and World Cups.  Or we are just hoping this exhausts him and one night a week we do not have to battle for a full hour to get him to sleep.  Yeah, I think that is the better reason.

But in all reality, Hank did start soccer this week.  John and I discussed this at length before signing him up.  We have never been the kind of parents with aspirations of our children to play sports…which in turn is the only thing they want to do.

So this mama did some research.  Any soccer camp, club, or workshop that included the word phrase “competitive edge” was immediately dismissed.  And then I happened upon “Soccer Sprouts.”  It said they would work on “basic skills.”  I read “basic skills” and what I really read is “turn taking,” “following directions,”  “imitation,” “social skills.”   Because I am a speech pathologist.

My interpretation was correct.  Hank’s coaches gave them simple and easy to understand rules and directions.  Their expectations were that the children follow directions, not score goals.  Hank waited in line, took turns, and raised his hand…all things I  know he needs to be socially successful in school.  He listened to directions, imitated his coaches actions, and took breaks when he was given breaks…all things he needs to be academically successful in school.

IMG_3666Getting your child involved in sports isn’t just about earning scholarships or becoming a pro – it is about social, cognitive, motor, and academic development.  It is also about getting them to sleep better at night.

IMG_3677If you are interested in Soccer Sprouts, check them out at .  I know we are only one session in, but I give them two thumbs up!

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