Ice Cream Makes Healthy Eaters….at Stensland’s

I scream, you scream, all toddlers scream for ice cream!

The new Bloom Box is out and ready to roll!  Get excited!  Because it is ICE CREAM themed!

I love ice cream.  I feel like that is a silly statement.  Who doesn’t love ice cream?  Which is the reason the new Bloom Box is ice cream themed!  Because ice cream is amazing.

So amazing, that on my 33rd birthday last week, ice cream was my only request.  And not any ice cream, the best ice cream I have ever had in my entire life.  Ice cream from a locally owned dairy.  Ice cream from Stensland Family Farm.

Stensland Family Farm is just a few miles away in Larchwood, Iowa.  It is a small dairy with around 200 cows.  These cows produce ice cream.  Okay, and other things too.  But this post is about ice cream.

The sweet little ice cream shop off 41st street in Sioux Falls offered over 20 flavors!  And wait for it….multiple flavors had REAL FRUIT in it.  Hank is a great eater.  Both the boys are, but let’s talk about Hank.  But one food I cannot get Hank to eat is blueberries.  He says they are no good.  Which is ridiculous, because blue berries are all good.

So there I was, staring at a case of deliciousness, when my eyes rested on the Blueberry Cheesecake flavor.  My mom brain said, “Oh, Hank wouldn’t like that.”  My therapist brain said “This would be an excellent food experience for Hank to be reintroduced to blueberries.”  Yeah, my poor kids. I got it.  (I may have also gotten Butter brickle to top it off.)

He ate it.  He loved it.  And about eight bites in I informed him of the devastating news.  “Those blueberries are yummy.”  He responded with “These aren’t blueberries.  This is ice cream.”  Well played.  “Yes ice cream with blueberries in it.  I love it.”  He then offered me a long forlorn look while he carefully decided if he would enjoy the delicious ice cream or throw an epic fit just to spite me.  He finished up the bowl.

ice cream stensland

Taking something your child loves and mixing it with something they are not a huge fan of it a great way to get them to try it.  And then to make it look even more enticing, make it yours.  Because the only thing that is more delicious than a child’s ice cream, is their parents.

And have no fear, this doesn’t stop at delicious fruit and fresh ice cream.  You can do this with lots of things! Spread their yummy peanut butter on that menacing celery.  Melt some cheesiness on top of those horrifying green beans.  Even if the only thing those sweet little fingers do is pick off their chosen food, they are still getting exposed, and might just surprise you with what they try!

And for those of you who have little ones who don’t love blueberries, I highly suggest Stensland’s Ice Cream shop.  I also suggest it to anyone.  Absolutely anyone.

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