Judging the Future

I was super honored to be asked to be a judge for the FCCLA State Conference.  I was a judge for the Child Focus presentations.  I thought I would get the opportunity to give back a little something that FCCLA gave to me as a high school student.  But of course, I gave them nothing but a score and a few comments.  The students were the givers.  They gave me a reminder.

In case you do not know, FCCLA stands for “Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America.”  I was a member in high school and really enjoyed it.  We did day camps, baking activities, and education for elementary students. It’s kind of a like a 4-H club that happens in the school…don’t worry, I was in 4-H too.

On Sunday I judged a handful of women throughout the day.  These young women gave 10 minute presentations on projects they completed that directly pertained to child development.  And every single one of these presentations were awesome. But what was even more awesome…the skills I saw these young women learning.

I was reminded that our youth are the future.  I saw young women learning how to address a superior, how to make appropriate eye contact, how to do research, how to troubleshoot, and how to follow through.  This is where it starts.  This is where leaders are made.  Through education and encouragement, but most importantly, experience.

It started with Girl Scouts.  I learned how to work together and complete tasks while working with other girls.  Then onto 4-H where I learned about community and following through with tasks.  When I was in high school I learned how to take criticism as my refinishing projects were judged.  I learned how to address an audience on my speech team.  I learned how to be prepared, problem solve, and communicate while working with children and families in my FCCLA club.  I use these skills daily, whether I am chatting with a mom, doing a segment on KDLT, or discussing a diagnosis with a doctor.

Using those skills today

Sunday was great.  It was inspiring.  I loved seeing these young women excited about the future and the children they worked with.  I do not care if these young women grow up to be a doctor, a hair stylist, a teacher, a stay at home mom, or even a speech pathologist…these skills will serve them well.

Get out there young women!  Learn those skills you need to be the next CEO, CFO, POTUS, or SAHM.  I can’t wait to see what the next generation of Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America brings us…it’s looking good already!

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