Big Things!

A New Year always sparks the opportunity for change.  New Year’s resolutions are always hopeful and encouraging.  As a younger woman, my New Year’s resolution was never what it should have been…go to the gym, eat more salad, drink less.  Boring stuff.  As a wiser and less ridiculous woman, my New Year’s resolutions are a lot more realistic and exciting.  Last year’s was “wear lipstick.”  I was successful with my resolution for the first time ever.  This year’s is spend more time with friends.  It’s happening.  My local lady group has already scheduled a happy hour for the third Monday of every month.  Win!

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NYE Ladies!  See you all the third Monday of the month!

Along with my New Year’s resolution, I am making other big changes in my life.  Bigger than a monthly happy hour.  (What’s bigger than that?!)  A few months ago, I was playing with my kids and thought, “What would make our life better?  What would make me a happier mom and my children happier kids?”  And these were the thoughts I had:  “I want my kids to have the best education and learning tools money can buy, but I don’t want to spend the money.  I also don’t want to have to own all of these tools and toys because they will get sick of them in a few weeks and we already have too much stuff.”  So, I am dreaming an impossible dream.  Or am I?

I was dreaming a nonexistent dream.  A dream no one else had dreamed before (or had dreamed, but didn’t go out and make it happen).  So, I created it.  The Bloom Box is my dream.  All of the education and tools to enrich a child’s language, social, fine motor, and sensory development…and it is rented.  Shipped or dropped off at your home or daycare.  I am having way too much fun creating these little boxes of delight!  They are all themed!  I have cupcakes, fish, snow, monsters, theater, and so much more!! All for $35 for a home Bloom Box, or $50 for a daycare.  If you decided to go out and buy it all yourself, that’s cool too.  But each Bloom Box cost between $200 and $400 to put together, so there is that.


And so you don’t have to spend time reading, prepping, and researching…I did that all for you.  The Bloom Box comes with an activity guide!  Each activity takes under 5 minutes to read through, set up, and start!  But wait, there is more.  The boxes aren’t for you to do while your kids watch, they are for your kiddos!  So you model each activity, and then you sit back and watch them learn!  (Or you can do the dishes, read a book, watch Gilmore Girls….whatever, I don’t judge.)  And then you ship that baby back!  (Or I pick it up if you are local!)

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Skeptical Hank thinks Bloom Boxes are too good to be true!  Believe it Hank!

And when you model that activity for your kiddo and they only spend 10 minutes doing the recommended activity, and then make their own play scene, well…that is great too!  These toys and tools aren’t light up talking screens, they are educational and inspiring all on their own.  Because I really don’t want beeping and talking toys to interrupt your Gilmore Girl marathon. And I want kids to use their imagination to play!  Imagination is the basic building blocks of problem solving.

Want to learn more or reserve your box for February?  Read more about the Bloom Box in the Menu or you can just email me at

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