A Moment for Tatym

I write my blog posts weeks in advance.  I have a very specific calendar that I typically stick to.  Today I am throwing it all out the window to ask you all to help a family I care so much about.  A family I adore lost a child.  I have no inspiring words or pieces of advice to offer when it comes to something so sad.

I thought long and hard about how I could honor the memory of sweet Tatym.  A blog post?  No.  A gift?  No.  Nothing.  I had nothing.  But then I thought about what makes Tatym’s family so inspiring.  It is their presence.  Their dedication.  The way they give 100% of their attention to their children.  So why not share that beauty with someone else.  I dropped off four meals.  One for Tatym’s family and then I brought three more to busy moms.  I left a note on those that said “Don’t cook tonight. Play with your kids.  This is a gift given to you to honor the memory of a little girl named Tatym.”

Do you know a mom who could use a moment?  Give her a moment to honor the memory of Tatym.  Let’s show her family that although we cannot fix their pain, we can honor their child’s memory by giving a child an uninterrupted moment with their mom. Bring over a meal, or some cookies.  Order them a pizza.  Weed a garden, bring over some bubbles for them to do together, buy a mom a cup of coffee – so she can keep up with her toddler.  I know you have more ideas.  You can share your gifted moment below in the comments, or you can use #amomentfortatym on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.  And I will make sure Tatym’s mom and dad see each and every tribute to sweet Tatym.

If you are interested in helping this family financially, you can visit their GoFundMe page here. You can read more about this amazing family here.

Thanks in advance friends.  I am so blessed to have you all.

I gave my own family a moment for Tatym last night. My phone got put away, the dishes got left on the table, my work didn’t get done until after bedtime.  We did airplane rides, played hide and seek, and read books.

*Tatym’s family was asked before sharing their beautiful, yet much too short, story.



2 thoughts on “A Moment for Tatym

  1. Thank you so much for being there for our family. It means so much to us knowing how much support we truly have around the world. The journey that we have been on does not stop here. Our faith tells us we have much more to come but gives us the patience to enjoy all of the moments. Even though Tatym was only with us for 15 months, she left an impact that will change lives forever. Always remember to tell your loved ones how much you love them no matter the situation. Cherish your life as you only have one. It’s not up to you how long you get to make your mark on this world. My love is with you Tatym, forever & always!!


  2. Thank u, This is such a amazing idea!! I also thank everyone for all the support our family has received it truly is a blessing! We will never forget Lil Tatym, and there will be a empty spot in our hearts but we will cherish every memory made with her forever! 💗


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