Man Dad

I apologize for what is about to occur here. I am going to brag. I married a handsome, hunky, bearded man. And now I am going to tell you why I married this hunk of beef.


It’s almost Father’s Day. So let’s talk about dads. Let’s talk about the dad I live with. John. My husband, and most importantly, my kids’ dad. I married him specifically for his dad like skills. He has a full spectrum of dad skills. He takes Hank out for donuts every “Dadurday”, he takes them for bike rides, he teaches them the difference between a pop fly and a line drive, he takes them fishing, he tells bad dad jokes (he is allowed one a week and rarely does he make it through Sunday). He does all of these “dad” things, but he also does something completely amazing and unexpected. He does “mom” things too. He gives them their bath every night. He reads them books before bed. He does the laundry. He helps with the dishes. He cooks. (Did you all just think “Wait, what do you do Andrea?”)

I am not just thrilled he does these things to take a load off my plate. I am thrilled he does these things to teach my boys the importance of pitching in. He isn’t just teaching them how to be fun and adventurous boys, or bearded outdoorsy men. He is teaching them how to be a really good dad.

One time Hank was playing with a doll and a family friend said “You don’t let him play with dolls, do you?” John responded with “I know. Wouldn’t it be horrible if he grew up to be a good dad?” Thank you. The world needs to hear that.

So go forth dads. Teach your kids to hunt and fish, shoot a basketball and ride a bike. Teach them all about being a fun dad. But don’t forget to teach them how to be a good dad too.

Happy Father’s Day John.  We couldn’t do it without you.


2 thoughts on “Man Dad

  1. Love the “dadurday!” For Father’s Day every year I torture my kids and make them go for a long hike at GreatBear recreation with the whole fam.


  2. I love what you wrote and that you clearly see the great worth of a man like your husband. He’s a wonderful example of the true meaning of being a man. It’s sad that in this world so few males have any idea of how to be a real adult man. When a true man becomes a husband and father then he lives his life the way your husband does. He becomes the best example that other males can have, as well as a tremendous force for good to everyone who knows him. I’m am so happy for you and your family!


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