Birthday Party Success

Birthday parties. Who doesn’t love them? There is cake and presents and friends. We all know my obsession with birthday cake, so that in itself gets me real jazzed about birthdays. Gus had his first birthday party this weekend. It was a monster theme due to his fantastic desire to roar whenever he is excited. I’m into it. Guess who I was worried wasn’t going to be into it….Hank. He is two. Someone else’s birthday sucks when you are two. Especially if that someone else is your little brother.
Do you know who else hates birthday parties? Kids with anxiety. Kids with autism spectrum disorder. Kids with delays and disorders of social skills. Moms of said kids.
How did I prep Hank for this Monster bash? With a theme box. A birthday party theme box. Yeah. I made Hank practice a birthday party. I’m not going to lie. I thought he was going to play real nice for practice and then lose his marbles during the real deal. One could argue that it wasn’t all the practicing, but it was more likely due to the fantastic distractions of his cousins, a bouncy house and a baby pool filled with balls. (Yeah we are those people.) But I am going to go on my merry way convinced it was the birthday party practice.
You think your little (or big) one might benefit from an exciting round of birthday party delight? Well here ya go….let’s make a theme box!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
The box is pretty simple, and pretty awesome. It contains a few pretty basic non specific items and one really specific item. Here is the supplies:
– Birthday cake – This is the specific item. It is a wooden birthday cake by Melissa and Doug. It has candles and sprinkles and a little cake server. (Spoiler alert….I got it at the used toy store for $6!)
– A party hat – Any old party hat will do. Hats are always fun!
– A gift – I did a gift bag and tissue paper that I had lying around. I am sure your kiddos would love to open a present. However, unless you love wrapping presents and buying wrapping paper over and over again…I would go the gift bag route.
– Plates – I had some super fantastic plates left over from Hank’s puppy party. So naturally I used these. But again, any plates would be great.
When we practice at home (and when I use this kit for therapy…yeah I work with kids other than my own!) I involve other people or even stuffed animals. I let everyone have a turn. Even when it isn’t their turn, the kiddos have to sit and appropriately participate. You know, blowing out candles, opening the gift, passing out the cake….the big birthday party stuff.

Stop fretting birthday parties. They are supposed to be fun, right? Let’s prep those little ones for a good time!


Maybe I should have prepped Gus for how to act appropriately at a birthday party too.

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