Surprise! It’s Peas!

Puree part II. Here it is. How do you introduce your baby to purees? It’s tricky. It takes a lot of thought, time, and effort. Just kidding. It’s super easy….if you do it right.
Imagine this. You close your eyes and open up and someone shoves a big ol’ spoonful of something you have never had before, right in your mouth. Surprise! It’s peas! Until that spoonful of delight hits your lips, you don’t know if it’s sweet, sour, hot, cold, gritty, smooth. It’s a total and complete mystery. That is what you are doing to your babe.
When you eat something new, you typically check it out. You smell it. You may even touch it. You figure out what it is comparable to. You dip your spoon in it and have a little taste. And then you go for it. You need to allow this opportunity for your kiddo too.

My sweet, perfect niece learning about her food!

How do you do this? You put a spoonful on their little tray. Maybe even two. And let them go nuts! I know, you crazy neat moms out there just gasped a little. It’s okay. Your baby washes off in the bath. Let them rub it on their face and squish it in their fingers. Give them the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about that brand new food. Then, if you want, give it to them on a spoon. My kids have never cared much for being spoon fed…unless they are the ones holding the spoon.

Hank and peas.

Got more questions about starting your little one on purees? Ask! If I know the answer I will share it with you! (If I don’t, I will tell you that too.) I may even turn it into my next blog post!

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