Munchable Grocery List

This is going to be the shortest blog post ever. Ever.

You asked for it. No seriously, like 22 of you emailed me and said “What are some other munchables to give my kiddo?” So here it is. A list of munchables. Get your pens ready!

(In case you’re not sure what is going on here, check out my post on the importance of munchables here!)

Carrot sticks (NO baby carrots! The whole carrot!)
Celery sticks (My top choice! Cheap and healthy!)
Jicama strips (Find it in the produce aisle!)
Dutch pretzels
Bagels (Cut into fourths.)
Bell pepper strips (Make ’em big and fat!)
Frozen melon strips
Dried fruit strips (Mango is my fave!)
Slim Jims (Really any meat stick)
Beef Jerky (The long strips)
Stale licorice (Yes, you read that right. Let it sit out overnight. And this one is for ages 2 and up. Babies don’t need licorice.)

Got your grocery list ready? Now go!

I hope you have more room in your cart than I do.


2 thoughts on “Munchable Grocery List

  1. Our pediatrician also recommended bamba puffs.. From Amazon. They are peanut butter puffs. It’s the first food charlie will happily eat after 5 months of rejection. Plus it gives him the nut exposure. Just another suggestion!! Thanks, andee!!


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