Bloom Box

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Bloom Box

Planting the seeds for an enriched childhood

What is a Bloom Box?

  • Strategically selected toys and tools enhancing child development
  • Activities targeting sensory and fine motor development
  • Language enrichment plans to encourage natural and child led language development
  • All tools, toys, and activities are themed to allow for maximum generalization of skills

Who benefits from a Bloom Box?

  • All children ages 2 to 5 benefit from the activities found in a Bloom Box
  • Children with special needs and delays benefit greatly from the enrichment activities
  • Typically developing children are exposed to new concepts, terms, and skills through each Bloom Box
  • Working parents, stay-at-home parents, and daycare providers all find the Bloom Box to be an excellent way to spend time playing and learning!

Why the Bloom Box works?

  • Children learn best through natural play
  • Learning is enhanced by allowing the child to observe the techniques and then imitating the adult’s actions and words
  • Children will generalize new skills when skills are taught through similar activities multiple times, which is achieved through the theme of the Bloom Box.
  • Toys often spark interest and encourage development for a few weeks and then get pushed to the bottom of the toy box.  The rented Bloom Box brings fresh toys and activities to your home monthly, for a fraction of the cost of buying!

What makes the Bloom Box special?

  • Each Bloom Box provides multiple activities focusing on your child’s language, fine motor, social, and sensory development.
  • Activities take less than a few minutes to read about and set up.  This allows for more time with your child, and less time preparing!

How will I know how to use a Bloom Box?

  • Each Bloom Box comes with easy and basic instructions for each recommended activity.
  • Activities have been designed by a trained specialist, who is also a mom!
  • Bloom Boxes are meant to spark imagination and enhance development, there is no wrong way to play with a Bloom Box.
  • With a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription, a specialist will train you in your home or via telecommunication.

How do I get a Bloom Box?

  • Bloom Boxes are rented monthly
  • Introductory Prices (Through the month of February)
    • Daycare Bloom Boxes $50
    • Home Bloom Boxes $35
    • 6 and 12 month subscription discounts
      • $45 for daycare Bloom Boxes with subscription
      • $30 for Home Bloom Boxes with subscription
    • Bloom Boxes are shipped or delivered to your home
      • Free Delivery within 15 miles of Sioux Falls (email about delivery in NW Iowa)
      • Shipping charges of $14 outside of the area – a label is provided for return shipping


Themes Available to reserve for February of 2017:

  • Cupcakes – Available March
  • Snow – Available
  • Movie Theater – Available March
  • Monsters – Available Mid February
  • Birthday Party – Available March
  • Butterfly Garden – Available
  • Rainbow Fish – Available March
  • Breakfast – Available Mid February
  • Asian Cuisine – Available Mid February
  • New Themes Created Every Month!!

Email to reserve your Bloom Box today!